Senior Women 2022 Pre-season Training Schedule

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Plans are underway for the Senior Women’s training schedule for early 2022.

The plan is to train all together for 3 weeks, focusing heavily on fitness and getting back into football, then to split into 2 different groups, one doing more tactical training which will be filled with those players who are looking to join our State 2 and 3 sides, and the other group working on more technical training, which will be filled with those looking to play State 4. These groups won’t be set in stone, and there might be movement between them on the day. Depending on numbers, we’ll start organising friendly matches from about week 5 (The 13th of Feb).


There are also ‘Bonus Sessions’ on the plan, these will be entirely focused on fitness, they’ll either be on a Friday or Sunday night. Stefan and I will be looking at training attendance as part of our selection process, but we won’t be tracking attendance for the bonus sessions, these are purely optional and just for those players who want the extra fitness work. These sessions will be replaced with friendly matches when organised.

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