The Club is committed to a safe, welcoming and inclusive culture for everyone, including care and protection of children.

Find attached the Club Code of Conduct outlining the values and expected behaviour within the Club.


“The standard you walk past, is the standard you expect”

Hold each other, and yourself accountable for what we all bring to the Club.

Contact me with any concerns, support you might need relating to member protection (eg discrimination, harassment and abuse), or ideas about further enhancing our already strong club culture.

Contact Rachel Evans on

Contact is confidential and advice provided impartial, based on Club and Football Victoria policies and procedures.

For further information on Club policies, refer to our Legal section here.

As a volunteer role, the inbox will be reviewed on a weekly basis. For urgent contact, please contact the club on +61419371638.

Thank you for your support & contribution to the Club!


What is a Member Protection Information Officer?

A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is an independent and impartial ear, or first point of call for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other serious matters. An MPIO provides information about the rights, responsibilities, and options available to an individual making a complaint.

The MPIO listens, provides moral support and acts as a sounding board but they do not investigate or get involved in the complaint. The position of MPIO at a Club helps to improve awareness of child protection and helps to provide a safe and enjoyable sporting environment.



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